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The middle school years are the transition years between elementary and high school and are viewed as the preparation years for high school.  Traditionally, students in these grades are faced with a good deal of academic, social, and emotional changes.  Teachers at Evangel Christian School recognize the unique challenges these years can bring and give special care to help students through these transitional years.  Students are given some freedom to choose the electives in which they may enroll, including art, yearbook or choir.  However, to aid in making this transition more smooth, all seventh grade students are required to take a study skills course. The objectives of the study skills class includes enhancing the student's ability to manage time, to take good notes during class, to productively participate in class, to prepare for test taking, and finally to make good use of resources.  In addition, all seventh grade students are also required to take a keyboarding class to enhance the proficiency of their typing skills furthering their ability to quickly type the many papers that will be required in the years to come.   

Not only can these years be more challenging academically, socially and emotionally, but it is also recognized that this time can usher in the beginning of a student's searching and maybe even challenging and/or solidifying their spiritual upbringing.  With this in mind, Bible class continues for these grades and the curriculum that is used is called Positive Action.  Visit http://www.positiveaction for more information regarding this curriculum.      .      

To help parents keep abreast of their student's academic progress, we offer a full featured school management software program that gives parents access to view daily academic progress for their students.  The system provides detailed information to view specific grades issued for a particular assignment, test, quiz or project.  Homework is also posted for quick reference.  In addition to the systematic tools provided to parents, our teachers work closely with parents to identify trouble areas and suggest possible solutions to help each student achieve the greatest academic success possible. 





"Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee." Psalm 119:11

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