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Evangel Christian School offers early learning for children ages three and four.  To be admitted into the K3 and K4 programs children must be age three and four respectively by September 30th of the upcoming school year.  The K3 and K4 classes are designed to prepare boys and girls spiritually, academically, socially, and emotionally for the elementary school program.  Students will learn to follow directions, sit quietly, finish their work and wait their turn as well as how to relate to their peers.  Creative educational games are incorporated to keep them moving from one task to the next.  Bible lessons are taught to the students each day and Bible verse memorization is incorporated regularly. 

The K3 early learning program utilizes a curriculum that is based on a theme of the month which is used as a spring board for fun learning.  Mother Goose Time creatively weaves together art projects, music, storytelling, math games and science experiments around a monthly theme.  Engaging themes allow children to play, explore and learn about different concepts.  Mother Goose Time inspires children to dig deep and explore their 5 senses in new ways. Each theme incorporates colors, shapes, numbers and letters of the month.  The numbers 1-20 are introduced as well as the basic letter sounds.  Visit to learn more about the curriculum. 

The A Beka curriculum is used as the main curriculum for K4 students and begins with the basic learning skills such as reading, math, and Bible memorization. The reading program is based upon the learning of phonics.  Phonics is emphasized throughout, as students are taught the recognition of the alphabet, the letter sounds and the blending of consonants with vowels.  K4 students learn to read short sentences and write all lower case and upper case letters in print.  They also learn to write the numbers 1-20 and recognize the numbers 1-100.   Visit to learn more about the curriculum. 


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The preschool staff is dedicated to providing a nurturing and structured environment utilizing biblical principles to help students achieve success in preparation for their elementary years.   

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