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The Following is the process for Admission to Evangel Christian School:


Step 1. Online Application

Complete an online application by following the online application link from the Admissions page on the school website.  You will also be asked to provide the following:  

  1. An application fee of $30
  2. A copy of the last end-of-year report card and the most current report card
  3. A copy of the most recent standardized test results (SAT, OLSAT, CAT, SOL, etc.)
  4. A completed School Records Request Form 

Step 2. Entrance Test

Each K3-K5 student that applies for admission will be required to have a screening. 1st through 12th grade students that apply for admission will be required to take an entrance test.  Once the online application is submitted, you will be contacted by the school office to schedule entrance testing for your student.  The entrance test is generally scheduled for a time that is convenient for you and our administrator.  The entrance test will focus on accessing grammar and math abilities.  The test will measure the student's ability and assess appropriate placement.

Step 3. Interview

Once the application has been submitted, the entrance test has been completed, and previous school records have been received, an interview with the Principal will be scheduled. At least one parent (preferably two) must be present with their student at the interview.  The interview will include:

  1. A review of the completed Student and Family Application, standardized tests and report cards
  2. A synopsis of the school's educational philosophy, and policies will be presented
  3. A review of course offerings

Step 4. Acceptance

The admissions team will then evaluate all of the information presented and determine whether the student will be accepted.  The student and family will be notified by email.

Step 5. Online Enrollment

After the student has been accepted, it is then necessary for the parent to complete the enrollment for the coming school year by using the online enrollment process.  Please note that this enrollment is not complete until the family is enrolled in FACTS (financial management system). The registration fee for each student in each family between February 1- July 31 is $150 and $200 beginning August 1.

Step 6. Completion of Paperwork

Once a student has been accepted, the following paperwork must be submitted to the school office prior to the start of school. 

  1. Copy of Birth Certificate
  2. Prince William County School Entrance Health Form
  3. Immunization records







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